Quiz Questions

  1. When did the Australian Constitution come into force?

  2. How many proposals for change to the Australian Constitution have been put to the Australian people so far?

  3. How many of the proposals for change to the constitution have been agreed to by the Australian people.

  4. Have there been any changes to the position or role of the Queen and or the Governor-General in the constitution in any of the changes made by the Australian people?

  5. Is the phrase "Head of State" mentioned in the Australian constitution?

  6. Where can I get my own copy of the Australian Constitution?

  7. Was the Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia passed by the Australian Parliament or by the Parliament of the United Kingdom?

  8. Who proclaimed the Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia?

  9. When was the Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia proclaimed?

  10. What are the parts that make up the Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia?

  11. Are all of the provisions in the covering clauses still applicable?

  12. How many chapters are there in the constitution?

  13. What are the specific areas covered by these chapters?

  14. The constitution also includes The Schedule. What is The Schedule and what is its requirement as detailed in Section 42 of the Constitution.

  15. How many parts make up Chapter 1 of the constitution?

  16. What are the specific areas covered by these parts of Chapter 1?

  17. The Legislative Power of the Commonwealth is vested in The Parliament of the Commonwealth. What does the Parliament of the Commonwealth consist of?

  18. Who represents the Queen in the Commonwealth of Australia?

  19. Who appoints the Queen's representative in the Commonwealth of Australia?

  20. What powers and functions does the Queen's representative in Australia exercise?

  21. What is the composition of the Senate and how is it chosen?

  22. What is the term of a Senator?

  23. How many Senators are there for each State?

  24. Is there any representation in the Senate for any of the Australian Territories?

  25. Section 13 of the Constitution makes special provisions for Senators in respect of terms. What is that provision?

  26. When the "yes" and "no" votes in the senate are equal does the question pass in the negative or in the positive?

  27. How is the membership of the House of Representatives composed?

  28. How many members are there in the House of Representatives?

  29. How are the members of the House of Representatives allocated from each State?

  30. Does the Speaker always vote or does he only have a casting vote when the numbers are equal?

  31. Is a senator able of being chosen or of sitting as a member of the House of Representatives?

  32. What section deals with the powers of The Parliament?

  33. What happens to a proposed law after it has been passed by both House of Parliament?

  34. Can the Queen disallow any law after the Governor-General has assented to it?

  35. Who is vested with the executive power of the Commonwealth?

  36. Who exercises the executive power of the Commonwealth?

  37. Who advises the Governor-General in the government of the Commonwealth?

  38. Does a Minister of State have to be a senator or a member of the House of Representatives?

  39. Who is command in chief of the naval and military forces?

  40. What is the name of the court in which the judicial power of the Commonwealth is vested?

  41. May a Justice of the High Court continuing his term of appointment on attaining the age of 70?

  42. Can money be drawn from the Treasury without appropriation made by law?

  43. Is the Commonwealth required to protect a State from invasion?

  44. May the Parliament admit to the Commonwealth or establish new States?

  45. May a new State be formed by the union of two or more States?

  46. Can the Governor-General appoint deputies?

  47. What document should be read in conjunction with Section 126?

  48. In amending the Constitution is it only required to obtain a majority of voters throughout Australia to approve the proposed law?

  49. If the referendum question pertains to certain State matters, i.e. altering the limits of a State, do a majority of electors in that State have to approve the proposed law?

  50. What are the names of the Act or Acts that related to the Constitution of the Commonwealth?

  51. How may the Australia Act and the Statute of Westminster Act be amended or repealed?