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Handy Hints for Movements which Support an Australian Republic
  1. The phrase "Head of State" is not mentioned in the Australian Constitution or in any other of the Constitutional documents. Try avoiding this phrase as it is only emotive and does not lend any intellectual input to the argument that Australia should become a republic. It would be far better to argue that the Queen of Australia be removed from the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia and that she be replaced by a politician elected by the Parliament or by the Australian people.

  2. Be careful about referring to the Queen of Australia as the British Queen. The Australian people cannot "sack" the British Queen; only the British can do that. We Australians can, if we so choose, amend the Constitution to delete reference to the Queen of Australia.

  3. Remember the cynicism that Australians generally hold regarding our politicians. Accordingly, the election of a president - whether it be by the Parliament, the Australian people or in any other way - will be political and produce another politician. It will be necessary to soften your approach when putting the case for an additional politician to be included as part of the Australian Parliament.

  4. When espousing the fact that the Queen of Australia lives in the United Kingdom, remember that many notable Australians live overseas on a permanent basis including Olivia Newton-John, Elle Macpherson, Nicole Kidman, Rod Laver, Greg Norman and prominent republicans such as Kathy Lette, Geoffrey Robertson and authour Robert Hughes (now deceased).

  5. When arguing the case that the Queen cannot adequately be Queen of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the United Kingdom at the same time, you should be sensitive to the needs of our ethnic community of which some 4 to 5 million of them are either entitled to hold or do hold citizenship of their former country and thereby hold allegiance to another country as well as holding allegiance to Australia. They may feel threatened by the possible loss of their right to retain the citizenship of their former country if the Queen is not allowed to continue with her multi-nation role.

  6. Do not refer to the Queen and the heir apparent as being anglo-celtic. The Royal family has a broad ethnic background which may also prove to be a sensitive issue when dealing with our ethnic community when gathering support for an Australian republic.

  7. Be extremely careful about being nationalistic when putting your views forward for an Australian republic. Remember that the a global environment is almost upon us in almost every way possible including finance, social issues, sport and even political. Additionally, and on the other hand, the Queen already has a partial global role and that if you push the argument that we are moving to a global environment it may well help the push to retain the Queen in her present Australian role as sovereign.