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11_V4 Royal Powers Act 1953 from Gemini on Vimeo.

Table of Provisions

© Commonwealth of Australia (1991)
All legislation herein is reproduced by permission but does not purport to be the official or authorised version. It is subject to Commonwealth of Australia copyright. The Copyright Act 1968 permits certain reproduction and publication of Commonwealth legislation. In particular, s.182A of the Act enables a complete copy to be made by or on behalf of a particular person. For reproduction or publication beyond that permitted by the Act, permission should be sought in writing from the Australian Government Publishing Service. Requests in the first instance should be addressed to the Manager, Commonwealth Information Services, Australian Government Publishing Service, GPO Box 84, Canberra ACT 2601.

Table of Provisions
  1. Short title

  2. Exercise of statutory powers by the Queen

An Act relating to the exercise by the Queen of Powers under Acts of the Parliament

Short Title

1. This Act may be cited as the Royal Powers Act 1953. (Note 1)  

Exercise of statutory powers by the Queen

  1.   At any time when the Queen is personally present in Australia, any power under an Act exercisable by the Governor-General may be exercised by the Queen.
  2.   The Governor-General has the same powers with respect to an act done, or an instrument made, granted or issued, by the Queen by virtue of this section as the Governor-General has with respect to an act done, or an instrument made, granted or issued, by the Governor-General himself
  3.   Nothing in this section affects or prevents the exercise of any power under an Act by the Governor-General.
  4.   In this section, references to the Governor-General or to the Queen shall be read as references to the Governor-General, or to the Queen, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council.


1. Act No. 74, 1953; assented to 10 December 1953; commenced 7 January 1954. Short Title

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