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Nick Hobson was born in Devonport, Tasmania in 1944. On completion of his education at Devonport High School in 1960 he was employed with the Bank of New South Wales (now Westpac).

In 1966 he joined the RAAF where he graduated as a pilot with the rank of Pilot Officer. On graduation he undertook an Iroquois helicopter conversion and later served with No. 9SQN in South Vietnam as a helicopter pilot where he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC). In 1970, Nick was selected to undertake an instructor's course with the RAF in the United Kingdom. On return to Australia he took up helicopter instructional duties at No 5SQN in Canberra. In 1971, he was involved in extensive rescue operations during the great floods in the Darling River district of NSW for which he was later awarded the Air Force Cross (AFC).

In 1972, Nick was selected for a tour of duty as an exchange officer to fly and instruct on helicopters with the USAF at bases in Florida and Arizona. Other highlights of Nick's RAAF career include a two-year term as ADC to the Governor of Victoria and several tours (including two tours in Command) of peacekeeping duties with the United Nations and the Multi-National Force and Observers based in Egypt. After 20 years of service Nick retired from the RAAF with the rank of Wing Commander.

In 1986 Nick took up the position of Senior Projects officer with the NSW Directorate of Bicentennial Events after which he was employed as the General Manager of the Westpac SLSA Helicopter Rescue Service. Due to the formation of the Australian Republican Movement Pty Ltd in 1991, Nick became involved in the republican debate and remains strongly committed to the retention of Constitutional Monarchy as the best form of government suited for Australia and its people for the fore-seeable future.