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Selling Out Australia
Marc Ely-Chaitlin

Republic Controversy Divides Australians

  1. (CNS) - The example of the United States - where slavemasters two centuries ago took over the government, and used it to their financial benefit - now appears to be having an impact upon Australia. Due to high-level manipulations by the most powerful members of Australian society, Australia will be asked to choose on 1 January, 2001, between its ancient constitution, and a new republican constitution the politicians of Canberra (the capital city) are cooking up. Republics are portrayed as modern and progressive, yet they have existed since the time of ancient Greece. What they are not portrayed as, on the other hand, is predatory and pernicious, for what the implementation of a republic really represents is the stealing of the national wealth of a country, by its most influential members.

  2. The most outspoken supporters of a republic for Australia are men like billionaire media-mogul Rupert Murdoch, who is not even an Australian any more, having applied for and accepted American citizenship, and Malcolm Turnbull, chairman of Goldman Sachs Australia, the local branch of the major international stock brokerage firm. Another stout supporter of a republic in Australia is the former prime minister Paul Keating, who was humiliated nationwide when he failed to observe the complicated protocols relating to the Queen of Australia, on one of her visits. These men are not supporting the erection of a republic in Australia for the good of their country, they are doing it out of narrow self-serving motives of personal enrichment and vindication.

  3. The Australian public, however, is still undecided on the issue. Opinion polls last year showed that if the election had been held in 1998, Australia might have abolished the Crown, and let loose the politicians of Canberra, in the same fashion that the politicians in the United States have had liberties in Washington, D.C. But that majority has been slipping as the Australian public has come to understand the real terms of surrendering the ancient constitution, that protects the rights and liberties of all Australians, in favor of a political arrangement of the politicians, who could pretty much write the rules as they go along, much to their own financial enrichment.

  4. The Australian press, under the influence of men like Murdoch, has been offering tabloid-level arguments in favor of the constitutional change, but the public has been distrustful. There is a large conservative majority in Australia that is being moved from complacency by the efforts of the politicians to, in effect, carry off a coup. Once the guarantees of the ancient constitution are removed, there really is nothing protecting average people from the power of the politicians. All measuring sticks are removed, and the political system becomes something that is not anchored, but a free floating bulwark under the complete control of the politicians. This is not completely understood by many of the countries' less educated people, but where they lack intellectual arguments, they are moved by the sense that the politicians are up to no good.

  5. Australia's background as a penal colony of the British Empire has also facilitated the republic's supporters in their grab for power, because many of the country's people have backgrounds of ancestors who came to Australia as criminals. This has not endeared them to the English legal system, but for many, the benefits of British common law outweighs the lack of social distinction of their ancestors. On the other hand there are the aborigines of Australia, the native people, who have been treated shamefully by the government of Australia, which assumed the same stance towards the natives as the United States, or any other modern country that has been built upon a foundation of colonial subjugation. Basically, this was to bury the natives, so that the white majority would not have to face the unpleasantness of its predecessors, in their treatment of the native population from whom they stole the land. (This is often justified with a pseudo-Darwinian theology, justifying the strong in its overcoming of the weak, without understanding that the principles of evolution observed by Darwin involved thousands, even millions, of years, instead of mere centuries.)

  6. Of course, Australia will have to come to terms with its past, as will America, regardless of whether it stays a monarchy, or becomes a republic. The only difference is that the monarchy is restrained by a rigid constitutional order that protects the rights of individuals, whereas the republic is a crapshoot. And like all gambling, the odds favor the house, and in the case of Australia, the "house" is the politicians. In the campaign for the republic the politicians are using their control over the wealth of the country to buy support from jet-setter celebrities, all of whom sell their appearances at events for fat fees. These celebrities have no problem supporting the republic, because most of them don't even live in Australia. What's more, most celebrities are paid to have a pretty face, and to read the lines of a script, they don't tend to be educated. So they are easily convinced by tabloid-level "journalists" that republics are the only modern and progressive form of government "reasonable" people should seek to implement. To these people, commerce is self-justifying, and anything that might interfere with commerce, like the ancient constitution of the country, should be set aside.

  7. In the United States, the Republic of Australia is being touted as a "Done Deal." The prejudice in the United States towards the republican system of government is taught in grade school, so that Americans are never given a balanced view of the constitution they gave up in 1776, when the slavemasters of the New World overthrew the monarchy of America in favor of a republican experiment that has turned the whole country into a plantation. When the republic "gives" people civil rights, it behaves like a philanthropist, as if human rights are within its gift.

  8. The inalienable and immutable legal rights of individuals under the ancient constitution are subverted by a theory of constitutional law that essentially turns these rights into privileges, that people can only enjoy upon their surrender of their common law rights. Some will argue this, saying that most of the principles of common law were incorporated into statutory law, but the very substitution of common law by statutory law takes away the rights of the individual, and vests those rights in legislators. Then, when you address the two-party system as it exists under the republic in the United States, you are entering truly strange territory, for the beasts gerrymandered into existence under these closed-door arrangements have no natural life, but are akin to Frankenstein's monster. A monster that has turned the United States into a police state that has more of its own nationals in prison and jail than any other nation on the Earth.

  9. America has a slick appearance under the proprietorship of the billionaire class who control the political system, but underneath that Vanity Fair cover, there are tens of millions living in abject poverty. The only reason there are any social welfare programs at all is that the ruling caste lives in mortal fear of the poor, who they have segregated themselves from by removing themselves behind the walls of armed enclaves. America is a lovely country, so long as you go along with the police state, which individuals are given entry to by a college education. This guarantees that people who are allowed to advance are sufficiently republican in their sentiments, that there is no hope of a revival of constitutional government. It also explains why so many Ph.Ds are virtually illiterate, but are still able to manage a lifestyle on $100,000 a year. The real point, however, is that a college education trains individuals how to submit to the bureaucracy of the republic, because that is where power ultimately resides. When elected officeholders are all temporary, it is the civil service that holds all the cards.

  10. Australia is sitting on a precipice, as its billionaire class makes a bid to seize control of the nation, the patrimony of all Australians. What is not readily apparent to people who are not afflicted with a republican system of government, is the real level of divisiveness it causes. Power and wealth become the deciding factors of political influence, to which legal notions of traditional rights and liberties must yield. When that power and wealth collide with the rights of individuals, rights which those individuals believe they possess, it leads directly to social disorder. The first disorder is the commotion made to overthrow the monarchy, and to implement the republic; the second commotion comes when the politicians start to wield their newfound power to the benefit of the people who paid for the campaign to establish the republic. Additionally, the supporters of republics have no compunction about fairness, because they refuse to play by any rules. But once they get their republic up and running, then the rules they make up become ironclad, and their real colors come out. And the prisons go up.

  11. In the U.S. the biggest landowner is the Federal Government, but the American people gain no benefit from the "public ownership" of this vast wealth. Instead, the republic hounds the American people for income tax, a tax that gives the government a pre-text for invading the privacy of every American, to determine whether or not they are telling the truth when they disclose their income to pay their tax. The republic gives the politicians a no-holds-barred power over the people, which they can change any time they choose. In the United States, no sooner had the Founders secured the Constitution of the republic on promises that because the powers it would be vested with were enumerated that its power would be limited, than those powers were expanded on such flimsy grounds as the notion of "implied powers." This is the future Australia will face if the people there are tricked into giving up their ancient and traditional rights and liberties, in favor of a republic. They will turn over their hard earned wealth, and in return, they will be given a bag of magic beans. Beans that will only grow into a viscous weed that will choke the life out of the Australian nation.

Marc Ely-Chaitlin


Ely-Chaitlin, Activist for O.C. Homeless
Los Angeles Times
  1. Marc Ely-Chaitlin, for 10 years a crusader for Orange County's homeless, died Sunday of respiratory failure. He was 42.

  2. A paralegal, Ely-Chaitlin, who had been homeless himself for a year, opened a soup kitchen and halfway house in 1991 in a five-unit apartment building in Dana Point's Lantern district. He did it quietly, renting the building for $5,000 a month and opening it to the homeless without getting city permits. A local outcry followed. Some residents demanded that the shelter be closed immediately, but others rushed to donate supplies.

  3. The unlicensed facility, which housed about 20 people, closed within months for lack of funds and under pressure from Dana Point officials. Ely-Chaitlin went on to open shelters in Santa Ana, San Clemente and Yorba Linda, but they too closed for lack of funds.

  4. The shelters were all operated by the Mildred Rose Memorial Foundation, which Ely-Chaitlin founded in honor of his grandparents. He created the volunteer foundation after becoming frustrated with what he felt was the slow pace of local social service agencies, but donations did not meet the cost of running the homes.

  5. Ely-Chaitlin often donated legal services to those he described as down on their luck. Members of his family say he devoted much of his time to helping single mothers who had lost custody of their children.

  6. "Everyone who came to him for help was always grateful," said his sister, Candace Chaitlin-Gardner of Aliso Viejo. "It was a community," she said of those who came to her brother for help. "They all worked together."

  7. Along with his sister, Ely-Chaitlin is survived by his parents, Mel and Shirley Chaitlin of Lake Forest.