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The Australian Republic Unplugged provides an in-depth look at former Prime Minister Paul Keating's proposal for a republic by unraveling the contents of his paper titled An Australian Republic - The Way Forward.

This paper debunks much of what Paul Keating has to say including the inference that Australia is not independent, highlights the nonsense that the Queen can not be the Queen of Australia as well as the Queen of Canada and several other countries while allowing 4 to 5 million Australians to hold dual nationality, and that the Parliament elect a President when only one nominee is put forward for that election.

Also discussed is the proposal that the President of the Senate (a politician) act as the President of Australia when the President is absent e.g. leave.

More importantly is the proposal that most of the powers held by the Governor-General, including the powers of command in chief of the naval and military forces, be moved to the politicians.

The only powers that would be held by the President would be the reserve powers which would not prevent another 1975-style dismissal. The Prime Minister would become more dictatorial under such a change which could allow for the instability of government to prevail.

The words Head of State are not mentioned in the Australian constitution which obviously begs the question what is it that republicans want to change in our constitution. The change can never be minimal. The number of sections of the constitution and other associated acts that have to be changed is quite numerous and convoluted.

The fact that these are not mentioned in Paul Keating's proposal gives the notion of not telling all to the people of Australia.

You should read this enlightening article before making a decision.