Welcome to the Australian Survey Forum. This forum has been designed to let all Australians on the Internet have a say on many important issues that face Australia from time to time.
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  1. General Information
  2. Who Can Vote?
  3. Age Groups
  4. What should I know if I intend to Vote?
  5. Step by Step Instructions
  6. Reliability Status Code
  7. Security
  8. Disclaimer

General Information

Unlike other polls that are periodically taken, this poll allows you to change your mind as the community debate advances on any particular issue. Accordingly, it is necessary to have a reference point and for that purpose your Email address has been selected as the identifier. You may change your say on any issue as often as you like by identifying on the Vote Input Form that you are changing your vote (or any other details eg electoral division, age group etc.) from that previously indicated. A password to provide protection for your voting details is also required. Your Email address will not be used for any other purpose (i.e. soliciting etc) except in association with any operation which is directly associated to this site.

Polling Issues:

Click the Click here to select your issue bar immediately below to view the issues currently being polled. Please note that you will not be able able to view results of any issue until such time you have registered to vote and have voted for that particular issue. A list of issues currently being polled are listed in the drop down menu below.

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Who Can Vote?

Because the subject matter only relates to Australia, voting will be restricted to only those people who have an Australian IP address. This restriction is necessary to prevent an unnecessary inflation that could come about by letting the "world" vote on these issues.

That said, it's not a perfect world and, therefore, some non-Australian users may be able gain access to vote.

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Age Groups

The following Age Groups are used on the Australian Survey Forum site:
Under 18 years of age,
18-24 years of age,
25-34 years of age,
35-44 years of age,
45-54 years of age,
55-64 years of age,
65-74 years of age, and
75 years of age and over.
The Under 18 years of age group is not added into the total results. However, these results are shown in red under the Results by Basic Poll Totals section for information purposes only.

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What Should I Know if I Intend to Vote?

You will need to know:
  1. The name of your State or Territory electoral district and,

  2. The name of your Federal electoral division.

You can check your Federal Electoral Division and State/Territory District Details at the Australian Electoral Commission Website. You will need to have a Password. The Password must be 12 characters or less and should, ideally, contain both alpha and numeric characters. If you are voting for the very first time you will be issued with a temporary password which you can either keep or change to some other password of your choice. From thereon you will just keep using the same password to log on before voting on other issues or to change your details in respect of an earlier vote. Only one password can be allocated to any one Email address. Please REMEMBER your password! You can vote on all or any of the issues but only one vote per valid Email address will be recorded/updated for any one issue. You can check out the issues currently being surveyed by going to the results page by selecting the results button in the menu immediately above.

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Step By Step Instructions

When entering details on the Voting Form, please carefully follow all of the steps set out below: Select the Logon to Vote Button and then:
  1. Enter your Email address and Password, and

  2. Select your State or Territory in which you reside and then select Submit.

After you have been given access to the Voting Form after logging on then:
  1. Select either FIRST or CHANGE in this step for the issue you select at Step 6.

  2. Enter the age group applicable to you in this step.

  3. Select your Federal Electoral Division in this step.

  4. Select your State/Territory Electoral District in this step.

  5. Select the issue for which you intend voting on in this step.

  6. Select either YES or NO in this step for the issue selected at Step 6.

  7. If you make a mistake, select the RESET button and start again or if all details are as you want them, then select the SUBMIT button to cast your vote. 

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Reliability Status Code

The following reliability status code is used on this survey site:
  1. VERY LOW (0 - 499 votes)

  2. LOW (500 - 999 votes)

  3. MEDIUM (1,000 - 1,499 votes)

  4. HIGH (1,500 - 1,999 votes)

  5. VERY HIGH (2,000 - 2,499 votes)

  6. RELIABLE (2,500 votes and greater)

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The Australian Survey Forum (ASF) section of the Australian Republic Unplugged (ARU) website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. Accordingly, your email address and password are protected to industry standard. Always ensure you see the padlock at all times in the combined web address and search field bar of your browser to ensure that your data is secured.
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The Australian Survey Forum (ASF) is an independent site and is not connected anyway with any political organisation or with any other organisation that may have a vested interest in any of the issues being polled on this site at any given time. Nor is this site connected in any way with any other polling organisation whether it be nationally or internationally based and/or structured. The results data is, and always will be, raw and visitors will be able to make their own interpretation of the results as they see fit. No hidden agenda of any sort is or will be undertaken by this site in respect of any of the poll issues. It is completely voluntary and visitors to this site can choose to be involved or otherwise. That's democracy!
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